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Pickle works with tech founders and management teams to address the challenges of scaling up through the design and implementation of optimal business processes and systems. If you’re in this phase, the time to talk with us is now.

Business Growth

Growth will impact almost every facet of your organisation – both inward and outward-facing.
Our work with you focuses on the understanding that sustainable rapid growth requires: fantastic customer experience from start to finish; a focus on empowerment of employees through personal development that wins and retains talent; and access to a large pool of resources – whether these be people, partners or funding.

Tech Strategy

Your ability to adapt rapidly to the changing technological landscape will determine your fate. Having a tried and tested technology ecosystem is no longer sufficient – nor even necessarily indicative of a growth mindset.
Now you must constantly be on the lookout for innovative ways to serve your customers faster, better and more conveniently, and we help you tackle this challenge effectively.

Data Analytics

Thought leaders describe data as ‘the new oil’. Unlike oil, however, data is not finite; data grows at an exponential rate. Harnessing this data and delivering it to your decision makers with high availability, in a self-service approach, is vital if you are to make real gains in the big data age.
We can help plan and build powerful data dashboards that can deliver insights both internally to your stakeholders and externally, where required, to clients.

Product Management

Delivering a quality product is the fundamental requirement for any great company. So unless the team behind the product is aligned and working to its full potential, customers eventually suffer with huge implications for the business itself.
We help you review and restructure your product team as necessary, unifying designers, developers, quality control engineers and other key contributors to optimise their output and so secure existing clients and win new ones.

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Design Element


We look to build forthright, open and honest relationships with Founders and Management Teams from the beginning, and to demonstrate our ability to help tackle the challenges of scaling.

Design Element

How we work

Each business we work with is different, but our methodology and approach are clearly defined.

No one knows your business better than you do, so this begins with us listening carefully to both what you say, as well as listening for what seems to ‘lie beneath’.

Through detailed questioning, followed up with meticulous research, we build up a full picture of the business and its place in its evolving market.
In this way, we establish a knowledge base on the back of which we are able to help you make properly informed decisions that will impact positively as your business moves through this critical phase.

Our Team Mantra

What you get
Pickle are a small team of experienced business operators, committed to establishing robust commercial traction & governance within startups and scaleups. Our aim is to unlock the full potential of every business, from a solid platform of operational excellence, to achieve continual sustainable growth.

What you won’t get

  • Ego stroking – We are no-holds barred when discussing the business. There may be uncomfortable truths, but you will come out stronger.
  • Evasion or Avoidance – We roll up our sleeves and tackle problems head on with you.

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If you are already in a scale up phase, or are can see terrifying growth rushing towards you and would like some help in readying yourself for and navigating through this vital stage, we’d love to meet you.


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